YorSensory Yompers on Walking the Wilberforce Way

The YorSensory Yompers have fun exercising, raising funds for a great cause all whilst working as a team.

YorSensory Yompers is the self proclaimed name of three of our wonderful YorSensory ladies; Cathy, Fiona & Helen.

We caught up with Cathy and Helen to ask their reasons for participating in the walk and how they found it.

Why did you decide to participate?

Cathy: I have participated in the actual (none virtual) walk when the Trust has organised it in the past, but only completed a segment.  This time I was interested in completing the whole challenge on the back of doing a lot of walking from the beginning of Lockdown.  Although it was classed as virtual, I wanted to walk more of the segments and walked 4 new segments, including Pocklington Canal, where the Wilberforce Way crosses over the Wolds Way in the Market Weighton area (with Fiona) and from the Uni out towards Wheldrake (with Helen and Fiona).

Helen: I wanted to do something to support the trust which had a team element to it and would make me do more exercise, so kind of 3 in 1 reason for me!  I find the exercise very therapeutic too when general life is so busy, it makes me take some time out when I wouldn’t necessarily do this for myself.

Why did you want to support the trust?

Cathy: It was a good way to combine my new love of walking with raising money for the LLZ at our new HQ (Delta), which will eventually set up activities for people in York with sensory loss.  On the back of Covid-19 as a team we know how difficult and isolating it has been for individuals with sight and hearing loss.  I also enjoyed doing the challenge as part of a team with other Yorsensory members.

Helen: Working for the trust I see directly how our work supports individuals with both sight and hearing loss and wanted to do something to raise awareness of what we do at the same time as providing support through donations.

Wilberforce Way Pocklington Canal Walk

How was it?

Cathy: June was particularly hot so some of the walks were hard going, particularly the longest which was 9 miles combining two segments.  I also had the company of family and friends on some of my walks which was delightful.

Helen: Some days were easier than others, especially with young children at home.  I did a mix of long and short walks to fit in with everyday life, and it was great to meet up with Cathy and Fiona towards the end for a good 7 miler!

How was it as a team activity?

Cathy: It was an excellent activity to do with colleagues for a common goal, Fiona and I have walked in the past and plan to meet up for more in the future.

Helen: We kept each other updated on our progress.  Fiona even brought us some Kendal mint cake back from her walking adventures in the Lake District as energy food during the challenge! We sent each other little pictures of where we had been and it felt like a good team effort.

Fiona and Cathy wearing Wilberforce Way Walk tshirts

Feeling inspired to raise some money by a sponsored activity to support our services?  We’ve pulled together some fundraising resources here.

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