Yorsensory 5 Year Impact Report

Lauren Talbot our Yorsensory Business Manager talks about creating our Yorsensory 5 Year Impact Report

The Wilberforce Trust have been supporting people with sensory loss since 1833. Through our experience in supporting our community we understood that pathways for sensory loss were dis-jointed and delivered by different providers. Sensory loss can be overwhelming and emotional, through our work facilitating a low vision service and supporting sensory provision, we developed a pathway to independence which could streamline sensory services and successfully won the tender for this in the City of York in 2016.

So when I was asked to complete the YorSensory Teams first Impact report, I wondered how I was going to possibly document the highlights and headaches, largely encountered by a team who have only known me for a year. What started as a passing request for ‘2 pages of something’ that highlights our reach and the vital work we do, grew into the report being launched today. As I started to research the facts, figures and moments of interest, I realised that The YorSensory Team are driven by people, and their client interaction, not numbers or statistics and I would be doing the team and the Wilberforce Trust a disservice if I didn’t give this 100%.

The YorSensory Team make a difference each and every day. I learned just how much the team that I had inherited have changed, enhanced or maintained people’s independence in past 5 years; how they’ve advised businesses, communities and professionals of the barriers faced by people living with Sensory Loss, in order for them to improve accessibility in their own work.

The team have navigated through a pandemic, which brought about many challenges both personally and professionally. Working from home for the first time, compromising communication with clients due to restrictions amongst those too vast to mention. The team had to change their practice to be able to provide support for some of the most vulnerable in our society, swiftly introducing telephone assessments as standard, reviewing past clients to ensure they had strong support networks in place, posting out or safely delivering equipment which they had to talk clients through over the phone.

They have campaigned and advised on issues that affect the people we serve, such as the Tier E-Scooter trial and Purple Tuesday. They have collaborated with, supported and been supported by many other organisations and charities in order to maximise outcomes for the clients.

Having long past the 5 year anniversary, it humbles me to be able to present the Impact Report and not only the journey I have been on to complete it, but the journey that my incredible team have been on the past 5 years. With the service being commissioned for a further two years I’m excited to be present for the YorSenosry Team’s next chapter. I hope you enjoy the impact report which gives an amazing insight into our work.


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