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Take a look at the Mental Health and Well-being Activities Programme in York

Mental Health and Well-being – Working in partnership with York Mind

The Yorsensory Team are working in partnership with York Mind who successfully won the tender to deliver Mental Health and Well-being Activities within the City of York back in 2017.  The activities programme is funded by City of York Council and York Mind are working in partnership with:

  • Kyra Women’s Project
  • York Travellers Trust
  • York Carers Centre
  • York LGBT Forum
  • Better York
  • Dandelion Arts
  • The Wilberforce Trust
  • York Theatre Royal
  • TCV-The Conservation Volunteers
  • The Friends of Rowntree Park

Together they will deliver a range of activities in Year 5 of the programme, from July 2021-June 2022.  The model of delivery is based on the ethos that mental health and well-being is supported and maintained by a combination of activities.  These activities will fall under three pathways: Learning and Development, Well-being, and Social, with the underpinning principles of Connect, Hope and Grow.

Mind York - Mental Health and Well-being Activities Programme

The ethos and values of Connect, Hope and Grow aim to support individual’s wellbeing and recovery journey, by creating opportunities for social interaction, emotional support, and facilitate opportunities to build wider, and more sustainable networks of support, with both peers and local services.

The Yorsensory Team will be facilitating a peer support group for parents, partners, loved ones and friends of someone living with a visual impairment.  The group will be a safe place to:

  • connect with others and share experiences of supporting loved ones with sight loss
  • learn more about sight loss and different conditions
  • learn about resilience and good emotional and mental well-being
  • provide positive ways to manage own well-being and mental health
  • create a supportive network

It will take place fortnightly from October 2021 at the New Wilberforce House on Tadcaster Road.

If you are interested in what other Mental Health and Well-being Activities that are being covered by the programme take a look at:

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The Wilberforce Trust is dedicated to helping those with visual impairment, sight loss, hearing loss and other disabilities across York, North Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.