Sensory Impairment Assessments

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Sensory Impairment Assessments

Since 2017, the City of York Council has commissioned the Wilberforce Trust to deliver services for anyone living within the City of York who may have any degree of visual or hearing impairment or both.

Once a referral has come into the Yorsensory Team one of our Community Sensory Officers will establish whether a Sensory Impairment Assessment is required or further information, support or signposting may be adequate.

A referral could come from the Hospital, A social Worker, Occupational Therapist, Ophthalmologist, a friend/relative or more importantly it can come from yourself if you are experiencing difficulties due to sensory loss.

If a Sensory Impairment Assessment is required, you will be added to the waiting list and one of our Sensory Assessors will arrange either a Home or Hub appointment to assess your risks and needs when carrying out daily activities.



Outcomes of an assessment may include:

  • Demonstration and issuing of supportive equipment (e.g. a liquid level indicator, a symbol cane, a TV listener or a writing frame etc…)
  • Referral for Rehabilitation Support for perhaps a lighting assessment, suite guide training, route planning or mobility training
  • Referral for Technological Support
  • Further information, advice and signposting from Yorsensory or other organisations who specialise in different areas
  • Information regarding local support groups

Please see our FAQ’s regarding assessments if you have any further queries. If your question cannot be found here please contact the team for further support.

Sight Registrations

Sight Registration Cards

A referral into Yorsensory may stem from a Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI) being issued at the hospital as these are forwarded to the Yorsensory Team for registering and processing on behalf of the City of York Council.

A member of the team will explain the advantages of being registered either Partially Sight Impaired or Severely Sight Impaired, before a sensory Impairment Assessment is discussed.

The advantages are:

Following your registration, you may choose to continue with a Sensory Impairment Assessment if you and the Assessor feel this is beneficial, or you may decline an assessment and your case with the Yorsensory Team will be closed.

A referral to the YorSensory Team can be made by:


Enquiry Form: Click here

Telephone: 01904 202292

Text: 07580 750 346

Relay: (18001) 01904 202292


Via BSL:




By 2035 one in five of people living in the UK will have a hearing loss.

To find out more about the referral process and other frequently asked questions see our FAQs.

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