Rehabilitation Support

Providing rehabilitation support to visually impaired people.

Rehabilitation Support

The Wilberforce Trust provide rehabilitation support to visually impaired people and have done so for many years. A Rehabilitation Officer aims to support an individual to live safely and independently through their sight loss journey, supporting them to develop their existing skills to support their changing circumstances both physically and emotionally.

The most common areas of support our team provide are:

  • Mobility and orientation training
  • Lighting assessments
  • Sight Guide Training
  • Communication (inc. embossed material)
  • Activities of daily living
  • Advice and Information
  • Emotional support
  • Signposting
  • Referrals for further support if required

We currently have contractual commitments with the City of York Council and Gateshead and have worked with several large businesses and local authorities in the past.

Client Quote

“As a Rehabilitation Officer, I find the role extremely fulfilling, varied and enlightening. I have met some wonderful people who have taught me a great deal over the years and I am glad to pass this knowledge on in order to help more people navigate their sight loss journey” – Martin Heppell, Rehabilitation Officer

Support for Businesses

Our small team of experts not only provide support to individuals, but to businesses and organisations too, in making the world a more “friendly” place to people living with sight loss. Our team are available to provide Sensory Awareness Training, Sight Guiding or for Consultancy purposes if you require specialised support.

If you have an enquiry please call the Yorsensory Team on 01904 202292 or email [email protected]

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The Wilberforce Trust is dedicated to helping those with visual impairment, sight loss, hearing loss and other disabilites across York, North Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.