Equipment Demonstration

A broad range of equipment designed to support people living with hearing loss, sight loss or both.

The Yorsensory Team have a broad range of equipment designed to support people living with hearing loss, sight loss or both. The equipment is available to be seen and demonstrated in person at our Yorsensory Hub, just contact the team to make an appointment.

Some of our equipment is issued as part of a Sensory Assessment, and some of our equipment is purely available for you to try out before you may wish to purchase the same or a similar product. For example, we have various phones available to try with varying tone and volume levels which can also be improved by using alongside a hearing aid with a T (loop) setting. A member of our team will be more than happy to demonstrate the phone and discuss what options may be best for you before purchasing a new phone.

Amplicomms Cordless Phone

Having the right equipment can make a huge difference to your life and how you connect with your family and friends, so it is important to take the time to choose the right product for you.

Our range of equipment includes:

  • Telephones designed for people with both sight loss or hearing loss
  • Personal Listeners
  • Flashing Doorbells
  • TV Listeners/Neck loops
  • Alarm clocks
  • Symbol Canes
  • Liquid Level Indicators
  • Talking Tin Lids
  • Talking Scales
  • Pen friends
  • Audio Book players
  • Writing Frames
  • Task Lights
  • Smart Technology (various tablets/phones with useful applications for demonstration)

TV Listener and Neckloop

You don’t need to have anything specific in mind either, you are more than welcome to come and visit to see what items are available, sometimes you don’t know what you need until you know it is there!

Support with Technology

We also have a Technology Advisor who is on hand to support people either face to face or remotely in order to provide much needed support with new and existing technology. It may be advice around different phone applications or viewing functions on a laptop or tablet, whatever it maybe it is always worth asking the question as there is often a solution to be found which will make life easier.

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The Wilberforce Trust is dedicated to helping those with visual impairment, sight loss, hearing loss and other disabilites across York, North Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.