Sensory Services (YorSensory)

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The Yorsensory Team operate within the Wilberforce Trust providing supportive services to anyone living with any degree of visual or hearing impairment, or both.

Collectively the team use their training, knowledge and experience to support people with sensory loss to live as independently as possible, providing detailed information, advice, guidance and equipment to improve daily living and reduce the risks of living with sensory loss.

Please explore the links below for further details about the range of services provided by the Yorsensory Team.

Sensory Impairment Assessments

Yorsensory provide Sensory Impairment Assessments to residents of York on behalf of the City of York Council to identify an individual’s support needs on a day to day basis, recognising any risks and or challenges they may have as a result of their sensory loss.

Sight Registrations

Yorsensory are also commissioned by the City of York Council to register residents of York as partially or severely sight impaired following a Certificate of Visual Impairment being issued by an Ophthalmologist. As a result one of our Community Sensory Officers will then offer a Sensory Impairment Assessment (as above) if required.

Rehabilitation Support

The Wilberforce Trust provide rehabilitation support to visually impaired people and have done so for many years. A Rehabilitation Officer aims to support an individual to live safely and independently through their sight loss journey, supporting them to develop their existing skills to support their changing circumstances both physically and emotionally.

Equipment Demonstration

Within “The Hub” based at Wilberforce House the Yorsensory Team have a wide range of equipment on display designed to support individuals with daily tasks, for example telephones compatible with your hearing aid or TV listeners etc…

Information, Advice and Signposting

The team have a wide range of knowledge and experience which they openly share to support customers in sourcing the information and support needed. It may be questions about sight registration, a blue badge, support with access to work or simply details about the service. No question is too big or too small, the team will endeavour to help.

Student Rehabilitation Support

Our qualified, and experienced Rehabilitation Officer Team also have a thorough understanding of on campus mobility training and aim to support students to get the most out of their time at University or College.

Sensory Services for Businesses

The Wilberforce Trust provide Sensory Awareness Training and Environmental Audits to a broad range of businesses working with the general public to support their employees and customers in meeting the needs of people with a sensory impairment. A standard schedule of training is available, or bespoke training can also be accommodated to suit your business needs.

Community Outreach

The Wilberforce Trust are keen to raise awareness of the needs of people experiencing sensory loss and the support that is available for them. The Outreach Programme involves visiting communities across York and North Yorkshire to inform people about sight and hearing loss and to provide much needed support where required.

Support Groups

Yorsensory facilitate a range of support groups based around living with or supporting someone with a visual or hearing impairment. It can be a great opportunity to share experiences and perhaps learn something new from some of the key speakers involved. Whilst we paused groups due to COVID19 and transitioned to a new building we are now exploring restarting.



Evidence suggests that people wait on average 10 years before seeking help for their hearing loss and that when they do, GPs fail to refer 30-45% to NHS audiology services.

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