What We Offer

Delivering person-centred sensory services and activities across the city of York, North Yorkshire and surrounding areas.

Supporting independent sensory living since 1833.

Since 1833 the Wilberforce Trust has been empowering people with a visual or sensory impairment to make their own choices and have control of their life by providing personalised services that are delivered in partnership with the client, their circle of support and commissioners.


Alongside supported living, we provide a range of person-centred sensory services and activities commissioned or funded by a range of councils, and through the donations of our supporters and the goodwill and time of our volunteers.


To find out more about our range of sensory services and activities explore the links below:


What we offer

There are over 2m people living in the UK with sight loss and more than 11m living with a hearing loss.

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The Wilberforce Trust is dedicated to helping those with visual impairment, sight loss, hearing loss and other disabilities across York, North Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.