Welcome To Our New Sensory Outreach Officer

Our new Sensory Outreach Officer Paul Senior is passionate about supporting people

We’re so happy to have someone as passionate as Paul join our team and fill the role of Sensory Outreach Officer.

You’re likely to see Paul out and about in the community, so we asked Paul some questions as a way of him introducing him to you all.  We hope if you see Paul out and about you will take the time to say hello.

Introduce yourself. What makes you tick, what are your passions and what makes you you?

Hello, my name is Paul Senior.  I was born with a severe/profound hearing impairment and use a hearing aid along with lip reading skills.  I have always personally and professionally been passionate in supporting people with a disability.  My other passions are socialising with friends, watching TV, reading, cooking & DIY.  I also like going on trips including walking.

I strongly believe that people with disabilities whether they are blind, deaf, wheelchair users, etc.  should be treated with respect and understanding regardless of their abilities, just like anyone else.  They should be regarded as a person first with their own individuality rather than only focusing on the disabilities.

What made you want to work for Wilberforce Trust?

I have been aware of Wilberforce Trust for a few years and previously became a volunteer a few years ago, however I was unable to continue due to my previous job being full time.  I have always kept an eye out for any job opportunities at Wilberforce Trust, I felt with my direct experience of my hearing disability there was a lot I could offer.

What attracted you to this role specifically?

I was attracted to the Sensory Outreach Officer role specifically because I like to be out and about, interacting with the public and offering information and advice around hearing and sight disability.  I have extensive first-hand experience of technical resources and support available to help with my disability at home from when I was at school and college, in work situations and social settings as well as the daily challenges that can present.

Why should someone pop over to say hello if they see you doing outreach?

Because I am very passionate in creating awareness of how the Wilberforce Trust/Yorsensory service can help people.  I always bring a smile and make people feel comfortable and at ease.  They will walk away feeling reassured and have their questions answered.

Paul and Julie at Acomb Explore outreach

Paul is regularly out and about in the community, if you would like to see where he is going to be then take a look at our What’s On page or follow us on Facebook and keep and eye on our Events page.

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