Welcoming our Ukrainian friends.

Back in March, we were delighted to host a group of visually impaired, Ukrainian students and their teachers, all the way from Poland. With assistance from the RNIB and the Thomas Pocklington Trust, the group were visiting Yorkshire and spent the day with us in York.

We welcomed them to Wilberforce House in the morning, to tell them about the trust and Club Wilber. We enjoyed making Easter buns together before lunch, which was followed by wonderful performance by some of the group, who are also part of an amazing choir back at home and in Poland. As well as a rousing rendition of our national anthem we were treated to a bit of The Beatles too!

In the afternoon we took them aboard one of York’s City Cruises for a tour on The Ouse and some history of our city. We were lucky as the sun came out for us after weeks and weeks of rain! After the boat trip, it was onto the National Railway Museum to experience the new Wonderlab and its brilliant, interactive features.

We really hope the group enjoyed their time in York, and the rest of their busy schedule while they are here, and that trips like this are the beacons of light in what is a difficult time for Ukrainians. We certainly felt like we gained so much from our short time together, and it shows how the barriers of sight loss and language differences don’t have to stand in our way when it comes to wonderful and new experiences.