Support Worker in Profile – Meet Sarah

Our support workers are the backbone of the wonderful service we deliver, so it’s a pleasure to introduce you to Sarah who is one of many great support workers at the trust

Hi, I’m Sarah.  I’m 29 and I have worked as a support worker for Wilberforce Trust for almost six years in both their York and Tadcaster residences.  Those that know me would say I am a positive person who is sensitive and empathetic and enjoys helping others.

Six years ago I was working in a coffee shop, I loved my job but I felt that something was missing.  I first heard about the role of a ‘support worker’ from someone I did volunteer work with and I thought it sounded ideal.  She spoke proudly of the organisation she worked for – the Wilberforce Trust.  There were a lot of care companies to choose from at the time so the recommendation was really helpful.  Still, loving any excuse to write up a list, I remember writing down all the pros and cons to help me choose and Wilberforce Trust came out on top.  I loved that they specialised in something and sight loss was an area I knew virtually nothing about, so I really was intrigued by that learning opportunity.  Plus, they offered competitive pay rates and a good health care package (by the way, they still do)!

Six years on and I have never looked back!  My role as a support worker for the trust has been more rewarding and fulfilling than I could ever have imagined, and I’ve learnt so much.  I’ll never understand the national shortage of support workers, what other job is there that you get paid to chat with someone over a coffee, to go shopping , to go to the cinema, to unwrap presents with someone on their birthday, or even assisting them on holiday!?  Of course, not every shift is like that and there are definitely challenging parts of the job, but I don’t think the highs are celebrated enough.  When you are a support worker, you get invited into other people’s lives, welcomed by their families, involved with someone’s day to day routines and traditions, it’s such a special thing to be part of.

My favourite part of my work is the tenants we support.  I get so much enjoyment from chatting to them, taking them out, helping them solve a task they are struggling with and helping them to become healthier, happier versions of themselves, living a life as independent as possible.  There is a lot of change coming soon with our new premises Wilberforce House being built and I’m really excited to be with the trust right now to see that through.  I would 100% recommend anyone considering joining us as a support worker to do it!  If you easily empathise, have a positive attitude and are keen to help others then just like it was for me, it could be the perfect fit for you too.

Are you inspired?  Would you like to make a difference whilst you work?  If so consider becoming a support worker yourself, apply here.

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