National Poetry Day

On National Poetry Day we celebrate one of our longest standing tenants, John, who has written hundreds of poems over the years!

John has lived with the Trust for 50 years, from the days when Wilberforce Home for The Blind stood on the spot where the new Wilberforce House now stands, off Tadcaster Road in York. He began writing poetry many years ago, and has written hundreds, some produced into booklets along with other writers, and he’s even produced a CD of his work!
This week we spent time discussing his poetry and what have been his inspirations over the years. John loves the stars and described how he knows when it is a clear night and the stars are out, even when he cant see them. The sky and stars have featured in many of his poems, as well as everyday items and occurrences, like easting ice cream! He spoke fondly too about his Mum and Dad, and the skills they taught him and their encouragement to sing and enjoy music. He also described how he wrote his poetry, how when an idea would come to him, even in the night, how a Support Worker would write it down for him.
This poem about his Mum, written in 1995, was a favourite, and John was happy to share this with our Wilberforce Trust followers and supporters!
My Darling Mum
My darling Mum is special, with everything that’s nice
to add with sweet reflection is just a taste of spice.
My Mum conjures up special smells everywhere about
talcum powder, lavender and other nice things too.
My Mum’s my special angel always up above.
My Mum brings everything with all her special love.
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