My Self-Isolation Soundtrack by Holly Tuke

Music has always been a huge part of my life, there is not a day that goes by when I don’t listen to music. I’m always listening to the radio or blasting my favourite tunes. Lockdown hasn’t been any different, I’m pretty much having music on all day. There’s no doubt about it, music is one of the things that is helping me get through lockdown.

Whilst working from home, doing a bit of exercise or in need of motivation, music is one of the things getting me through these strange times, there’s always a playlist, album or song that fits my mood or something that I fancy putting on and having a good sing-along to.

I’ve had the radio on every day, as well as playing great tunes, it has also made me chuckle from time to time.

I’ve also been making the most of my Spotify subscription, this is something that I usually get my money’s worth out of anyway, but even more so during lockdown.

One of the things that I regularly use my Amazon Echo for is listening to music, podcasts and audiobooks, it has a great sound so is perfect for that sort of thing. I can tell Alexa to play any radio station or playlist and she’ll do it straight away.

What’s on my self-isolation soundtrack?

There are quite a few songs that I’ve been loving during lockdown and I thought I’d give you a bit of a glimpse into my self-isolation soundtrack.

The 30-day song challenge has been dominating social media and is keeping people entertained during lockdown and self-isolation.

The challenge invites people to share a song that comes to mind from specific prompts such as a song with a colour in the title, a song that you like with a number in the title, a song from the year you were born and so-on.

Both me and my friends are huge music lovers, so we decided to take part in the challenge (virtually of course), it has entertained us during lockdown.

We decided to create a playlist with each of the songs from the challenge, so this has been part of my lockdown soundtrack. It has rekindled my love for some of the tunes that I used to love when I was younger.

I think we’ve all needed a bit of motivation during self-isolation/lockdown. There are many songs that have helped me learn to love my disability over the years and these songs will always have a special place in my heart. These songs also give me motivation whenever I need it most.

I created a motivational songs playlist which I stick on whenever I need a bit of a pick me up. This playlist always brings back my determination.

Music is one of the things that inspires me the most, so the following songs have certainly been on my self-isolation soundtrack over the last few weeks. Here are just a few:

  • Jessie J – Who You Are
  • Shawn Mendes – In My Blood
  • Alessia Cara – Scars To Your Beautiful
  • Ed Sheeran – Save Myself
  • JLS – Hold Me Down
  • Ariana Grande – Breathin’
  • Jessie J – Easy On Me
  • Shawn Mendes – Never Be Alone
  • The Script – Hall of Fame

There are also a few songs in the charts that I’m also loving at the moment:

  • The Weekend – Blinding Lights
  • Niall Horan – No Judgements
  • Tame Impala – Lost In Yesterday
  • Joel Corry – Lonely
  • Lauv – Modern Loneliness
  • Anne-Marie – Her

Sometimes, songs perfectly describe a current situation or sum up exactly how you’re feeling. There are a couple of songs that I think are a poignant reminder of these uncertain times. The first one is Run Through Walls by The Script, the lyrics in this song made me think of how we’re unable to see our loved ones at the moment but how we need to still be there for each other.

The second one is the Live Lounge Allstars – Times Like These. Radio 1 is famous for its live lounge where some of our favourite artists perform live, but as that can’t happen at the moment, artists from across the world have got together and done a cover of Times Like These by the Foo Fighters in order to raise money for Comic Relief and Children In Need, the money raised by this song goes towards helping people affected by the global pandemic.

It is a really special song that has helped to mark a strange, uncertain time that is affecting everyone.

That is just a bit of a glimpse into my self-isolation soundtrack.

Music is truly powerful, and it can help people in so many ways.

If you need something to listen to whilst in self-isolation, then why not make a playlist of your own or get together with your friends and family to make one?

What songs would be on your self-isolation soundtrack?

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