Meet The Yorkshire Corker Founder, Scott Caul

Scott Caul tells us about himself and The Yorkshire Corker

We had a chat with Scott to learn about him and his fantastic creation, The Yorkshire Corker.

Tell us about yourself?
Well, I’m from Warrington originally and I came to York to study Physiotherapy, fell in love with the City and never left. I work as a Physiotherapist for York Hospital where I work intensive care and non-invasive ventilation. I’m a family man and as you’ve probably guessed I love to cycle!

So, what made you start? What gave you the idea to do the Yorkshire Corker?
I’ve been raising money for charity for a long time, before cycling it was running and triathlons. It all began with the London marathon when I was 18. I’ve also done an Iron Man and last August I cycled on a big, horrible steel 1950’s tandem bike from Land’s End to John o’ Groats with an empty seat representing those lost to Covid. I raised £5k for York and Scarborough Teaching Hospital, having been working on the front lines during the pandemic that meant a lot to me.

In terms of what made me start the Yorkshire Corker, well I love cycling and I wanted to get more people involved. I like people coming together and taking up things and there is nothing like being out in the countryside. York is wonderful for it, you can quickly be in the countryside, and you would be forgiven for thinking you’re in France, well in the summer perhaps.

Cycling is great for physical and mental health and I wanted to encourage this and get people to dig out their bikes.
Our aim from the start has been to RAISE, RIDE & INSPIRE:

  • RAISE money for charity
  • Enjoy the RIDE in spectacular North Yorkshire in a NON-COMPETITIVE environment
  • INSPIRE people of all ages and abilities to get into cycling (Everyone Welcome!)

You know there is nothing better than someone completing their first ever sportive and seeing the look on their face and that their families are proud of them.

Who is it for?
People of all ages and abilities – kids, people with disabilities, teens and adults. Last year a chap in his 80’s or 90’s participated and we have a regular e-biker. The 30-mile route is flat and safe for people with spinal injuries.

Who benefits this year?
This year funds will go to Wilberforce Trust, Spinal Injuries Association and York & Scarborough Teaching Hospital.

How long has the Yorkshire Corker been running now?
We started in 2017 so that’s 5 years now. The first event had about 35 riders and last year we were up to 150.

How has it changed over the years?
It’s just been getting bigger and better every year. It started off very amateur, we had manual timing (using a stop watch) and make shift stools etc. We’re still all volunteer run but we’re much more professional, it’s more of an event, we have more participants and we’re making more money for great causes.

2 years ago we started the free adapted balance bike fun for kids and those with a disability. Everybody’s Cycling provide the different ability bikes (hand-held, tricycle, fun bikes, disabled and peddle assisted bikes) and GoGet Riding provide the balance bikes.

Where do you see it going?
I want it to keep getting bigger and better every year. The goal I’ve set myself is to become the biggest sportive in Yorkshire within 10 years. In addition to the monies we raise for other causes we keep reinvesting to grow the event year on year. Ultimately our aim will remain the same, to RAISE, RIDE & INSPIRE.

Where did the idea of the drink measures come from?
I don’t know actually, I just thought it was a bit of fun.

What’s included?
You get a lot for your money! We’re a properly organised bike ride (it’s not a race but more about enjoyment) and we are governed by British Cycling, we follow their rules and stipulations, so we have all the appropriate signs and risk assessments. There’s medical support, full nutrition (food at all rest stops – sandwiches, crisps, fruit, chocolate, cakes, a variety of drinks including isotonic drinks and a free tea or coffee), chip timing, mechanical support (support vehicle on each of the rides – if you’re having problems with your bike you can try to have is fixed or chuck it on the van). There may be a t-shirt too but we’re not sure yet whether it will be this or something else as our regulars have accumulated quite a few!


For more details about the Yorkshire Corker 2022 and for details how to book tickets click here.

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