Meet Club Wilber’s Latest Sponsor – 360 Chartered Accountants

360 Chartered Accountants couldn’t be more different to the image of a typical, ‘boring’ accountancy firm

360 Chartered Accountants couldn’t be more different to the image of a typical, ‘boring’ accountancy firm.  Their success lies in a willingness to remain agile as a practice in an ever-changing financial and business climate.  They are 21st century accountants embracing modern technology to give their clients every advantage. Innovative and forward thinking, they have invested in IT and modern technology to simplify and speed up accountancy processes, so that clients can view real-time accounts in a secure cloud environment at any time of the day or night, which in turn allows them to make better, more informed decisions based on up-to-the minute figures.

The award-winning firm has a developing portfolio of clients in and around York and has recently opened an office at Blake House in the heart of the city.

Managing Director, Adrian Hunter said:

“There is a fantastic and continually growing business economy here and we know that our services are a perfect fit for so many business owners who have been hit hard over the last couple of years.  We worked throughout the pandemic, offering advice and support to anyone who needed it, clients, and non-clients.  We guided them through the various government grant systems and helped our clients claim nearly £10 million in furlough payments across all sectors.  There’s also been some great innovation and we have helped businesses adapt to the changing climate.  We understand what people have been through and are still going through and we can’t wait to start sharing our knowledge and expertise with even more businesses across York.”

Regarding Club Wilber, Adrian added:

“We are thrilled to be working with Samantha and the team at Club Wilber and are looking forward to assisting this amazing charity in any way we can.  It is plain for all to see how much the team at Club Wilber enhance the lives of children throughout York and the surrounding areas and we are excited about the future journey with them.”

For more information about 360 Chartered Accountants, please contact or call 01904 217360.

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