Yorsensory – Community Confidence Pathway

Live confidently alongside COVID-19 with sight and or hearing loss.

This year has seen a great deal of change and uncertainty. Therefore the Yorsensory team has pulled together a pathway to independence to help enable or re-enable people living with sight and or hearing loss to live confidently alongside COVID-19.

Yorsensory will provide a range of services which are designed to enable or re-enable people living with sight and/or hearing loss to have the confidence to actively engage in their community, digitally or physically.

Our Yorsensory team will:

  • Provide information, advice and guidance to help people live alongside COVID-19.
  • Continue to provide detailed sensory assessments to support independent daily living and reduce exposure to risk through sensory loss.
  • Reach out to smaller communities to ensure a wider awareness of the Yorsensory team and ensure support is accessible to all.
  • Support people to overcome the emotional impact COVID-19 has had on them and their wider support network.
  • Support people to embed technology into their personal road map through the correct demonstration and issuing of specialised equipment.
  • Our Technology Advisor will:

  • Provide technological support to embed technology as part of everyday life and reduce the effects of isolation and loneliness.
  • Our Rehabilitation team will:

  • Support people to create their own personal road map and give them the confidence to engage or re-engage in their community.
  • The community will offer:

  • Yorsensory will work in tandem with our NHS partners and other organisations to ensure people newly facing sight and/or hearing loss have the support they require to ensure that no person is diagnosed or living with sensory loss without support.
  • We will provide support to our Social Care teams to ensure people diagnosed with sight and/or hearing loss receive appropriate and accessible information, advice and the guidance they need and are fully informed about the support Yorsensory and the wider Wilberforce Trust can offer.
  • We will provide support to our business community to ensure their staff are trained and are aware of the small but significant steps they can take to ensure their service is inclusive to people living with sight and/or hearing loss.
  • We will evidence the impact COVID-19 has had on people living with sensory loss. For more information please call 01904 20 22 92 or email enquiry@yorsensory.org.uk

    Image of Pathway to Independence PDF

    See a PDF version of the Pathway to Independence here.

    Image of Community Confidence COVID19 Interim Strategy PDF

    See a PDF version of the Community Confidence COVID-19 Interim Strategy here.

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