Club Wilber’s Christmas Party

Our annual Club Wilber Christmas Party with lots of our families and of course, SANTA!

Last weekend we gathered together with lots of our families at the annual Club Wilber Christmas Party. With various crafts and activities, a festive buffet and a visit from the Santa himself, there was plenty on offer to make this the best party yet.

Our guests moved between a range of Christmas crafts and festive foodie activities, including card making, stocking decorating and ‘fill a bauble’. The best thing about these activities was the children being able to take home what they had made, and enjoy them again and again. Cards were made for parents and teachers and the baubles were filled to the brim with fake snow and trinkets.

Needless to say the most popular place to hang out was the biscuit and Rudolph teacake table! With icing, chocolates and edible bun toppers the children could decorate biscuits and a chocolate mallow teacake was provided with everything edible needed to make a Rudolph head.

At lunchtime we enjoyed a sandwich buffet and nibbles and as everyone was finishing their plates there was a ringing of sleigh bells! The children queued up and took their turns to visit Santa in his grotto, having an opportunity to share their wishes verbally, as well as touching his outfit and big beard to create a picture in their mind of the Big Man himself.

It was fantastic to see so many families, new and old, and to see everyone enjoying the opportunity to catch up before Christmas.

There’s one more festive activity to go for Club Wilber and then we’ll be wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2023!

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