Club Wilber Membership

Club Wilber provides a supportive environment and an opportunity to get together for families in the Yorkshire area

Many families with visually impaired children, young people or parents don’t know anyone else in the same position and it can be a lonely experience.  Our activities and events offer a chance to spend time with people that can share your experiences and gain support and advice.

We want families to enjoy stress-free inclusive family outings which do not cost the earth and all the family can enjoy on an equal level.

Club Wilber started in 2019 with our adapted Easter Egg Hunt. Our eggs have a beeping mechanism so they can be found using hearing rather than sight. Siblings can join in the fun by donning an eye mask. Our first event was a big hit, we even appeared on ITV Calendar and won silver in the Minster FM Listener’s Choice Award for Charity Event of the Year.

Since then, Club Wilber has grown with more families joining from all over Yorkshire. Our Easter Egg Hunt is now a yearly event that is still favoured. We’ve also been on boat trips, had pizza parties, made bath bombs, visited Cadbury World and even had an overnight trip to visit the Harry Potter World Studio Tour, along with so much more!


Join Club Wilber

Any child with a visual impairment can register as a Club Wilber member with their siblings at no cost. If you would like to join Club Wilber please email us here.



”Inclusive activities and friendly faces”

“Club Wilber helps my whole family enjoy the “normal” events in life which we wouldn’t be able to attend without their help.  All the thought which goes into events and get-togethers so that the children experience the whole event even though they cannot see everything is incredible.  All our thoughts and ideas are taken on and listened to, taken away, worked on and delivered back to our children as a solution; no one else in York does this for visually impaired children.  We have made so many friends through Club Wilber, we have our own little team and it’s amazing!  It gives my daughter friends like herself and my other children siblings with which to share how they feel”.

”Club Wilber is an extension of our family, providing us with experiences and a sense of belonging with families that understand.”




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The Wilberforce Trust is dedicated to helping those with visual impairment, sight loss, hearing loss and other disabilities across York, North Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.