Club Wilber: Big Give Christmas Challenge

How Club Wilber Has Supported Teddy’s Family

Teddy’s first Club Wilber event was the adapted Easter Egg hunt and he has been a regular Club Wilber attendee ever since.

His favourite activity has been the ride on the Wetwheels boat with a number of other families stating that the water splashed him in the face when heading out to sea.

Teddy likes Club Wilber as he enjoys seeing his friends and Teddy is definitely a favourite amongst the other children. He particularly liked the quiz that he participated in during our lockdown activities because he enjoyed hearing the Disney music.

Teddy’s mum Rachael describes Club Wilber as ‘perfect for him and us as a family’.  Before Club Wilber they didn’t feel as though they fitted into any social clubs because Teddy struggled with regular groups due to the noise and busyness of the settings.  But because he didn’t have any additional needs, they didn’t feel like they could join groups where children had more complex needs and so didn’t attend them which left them stuck for socialising with other families.

Rachael is very grateful for Club Wilber because they now have a sense of belonging.

The other key element to Club Wilber for Teddy’s parents is the opportunity to socialise with a group of people that have a better understanding of what life is like with a blind child. It provides them both with the time to speak to other families whilst the children are enjoying activities together and Rachael and Lee have made friendships with other Club Wilber families that offer support and guidance.

With donations made during the Big Give Christmas Challenge week, we will provide even more accessible activities for families with children with visual impairments, and you could be part of this too! Just follow the link to donate.

Donate here (note that as the campaign has now closed the link has been updated so as to allow you to continue with your donation, thank you).

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