Who we are: Vision & Values

Who we are: Vision & Values


Our vision is to see a world in which all people with a visual impairment, sight loss, hearing impairment, hearing loss or other disabilities, are truly integrated into society with equal opportunities in all aspects of life, and to know that our passion and commitment has been influential in bringing this about.



Our mission is to be a leading provider of high-quality support, training and care services, and to create opportunities, for people with a visual impairment, including those with other disabilities; to encourage and facilitate the development of these on a local, regional and national basis by being a model of good practice. Our aim is to do this in a way which enhances the quality of life of those we work with.

Who we are: Vision & Values


Respect & Dignity

Who we are: Vision & Values

Ensure all the people who use or work in our services are treated with respect and dignity, given supportive, inclusive choices and are acknowledged as individuals in an equal and fair way.

Integrity & Honesty

Who we are: Vision & Values

Always do the ‘right’ thing even if it is hard.  Do not settle for others any less than you may want for yourself.  Be of sound judgement and truthfulness.

Team Work

Encourage the contribution of everyone.  Communicate effectively.  Be committed, willing and dependable to each other and the Charity.


Who we are: Vision & Values

Encourage all to have confidence with self-development and training.  To achieve aspirations for individuals and the Charity through having clear goals and objectives.

Continuous Improvement

Who we are: Vision & Values

Continually look at ways to improve the way we do things.  Create a quality, safe environment for all our service users and staff.  Abide by the codes of practice and agencies that govern us.

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The Wilberforce Trust is dedicated to helping those with visual impairment, sight loss, hearing loss and other disabilities across York, North Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.