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The Wilberforce Trust is proud of our past supporting people with sight loss since 1833.  Our strength has always been in building for the future and transforming and adapting to the times we live in.

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We are the Wilberforce Trust and we are passionate about empowering people to gain confidence and independence with sight and hearing impairment including other disabilities to live fulfilling, independent lives.

The number of people affected by sensory impairments or sensory loss is growing and demand for services is on the increase. When you experience a deterioration in your vision or hearing, it can take time to summon the courage to talk to someone. Our teams have infinite patience and understanding and make that first call as easy as possible.

We provide caring holistic support to help people come to terms with a new diagnosis or to better manage an existing condition. While society may present obstacles, we seek to remove them.

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Both our Living & learning Zone and mobile unit reaches out to local communities across the city of York and the county of North Yorkshire making contact with people who are often unable to access services.

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Although the majority of people in the UK with a sight or hearing impairment are adults, children can be affected too. Parents only ever want the best for their child and for them to enjoy all the fun activities of childhood. Yet all too often children with sensory impairment are left out, standing on the sidelines. We want to change that so we have developed a range of inclusive activities specially designed for children with a visual impairment or sight loss. This allows them to stay safe but run around and play just like any other child.


Everyone at the Wilberforce Trust, from our trustees and directors through to our frontline services, is committed to supporting people with a visual impairment, sight loss, hearing impairment, hearing loss or other disabilities and we do this through the range of services.

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About us


The Wilberforce Trust is a Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered in England and Wales with Charitable Status.  Registered Charity No. 1087065.  Registered Company No. 04228432.  Registered offices: Wilberforce House, The Grove, York, YO24 1AN

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The Wilberforce Trust is dedicated to helping those with visual impairment, sight loss, hearing loss and other disabilities across York, North Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.