It is National Storytelling Week. Stories are all around us, through everyday events, achievements, books, poems, songs, performances and more.

Each day we all add to our own story. Whether it’s taking a step forward, discovering a new skill or completing a personal challenge, our stories are forever changing.

As well as our own stories it’s good to enjoy others too. If you like audiobooks there are a great range of stories to choose from and places that provide them. (links open in a new window)

York Library now have over a thousand audiobooks available to download straight to your device. With the books disappearing after their loan period so you can’t get fines.

The RNIB Library is the largest of its kind in the UK, and it’s completely free with over 60,000 items in the collection.

Calibre provides a subscription-free service of unabridged audio books for adults and children with sight problems, dyslexia or other disabilities, who cannot read print. The books are sent via a USB or CD or can be listened to via their streaming service. There is a one-off joining fee of £35 (includes VAT)

Listening Books is an audio book service for people who find it difficult to read printed books. Audio books can be downloaded, streamed or sent via the post, membership starts from as little as £20 per year.

Living Paintings  are the only charity in the UK who design, create and publish tactile and audio books for blind and partially sighted people. This is a free postal and online library that operates throughout the UK.

With Audible you own the book, there is a 30day free trial and it is £7.99/month after 30 days

Do you know of other audio book services? Let us know.