• VAT equipment

    Visual Awareness Training:

    A half day Wilberforce Visual Awareness Training course ensures that you & your staff can assist people with sight loss effectively and safely, so meeting your duty of care. Vital for all service/information providers.

  • 3063_ed3_800w Rachel Sensory 14-04-03

    Sensory room:

    The ‘pop-up’ sensory room in the Living&Learning Zone offers sessions for people with a variety of disabilities, including sight loss and learning disabilities, and the unique ‘Active sensory sessions’ for those who have difficulty accessing sport and physical exercise

  • A photograph of a eye test in the Wilberforce Low Vision Clinic

    Low Vision Clinic:

    Comprehensive test and advice if your visual impairment adversely affects your everyday living

  • Picture of guests from other support organisations at a craft session in the Living & Learning Zone

    Living & Learning:

    Art/crafts and baking/cooking sessions in the Living & Learning Zone are popular with tenants and guests from other support organisations



Published Apr 24th, 2015

Those of you that follow us on Twitter or have liked our recently established Facebook Page may have already see the little campaign we have been running which called ‘Where’s Wilbellie?’ Created as a fun way of getting the public […]

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Job Vacancies

Published Feb 27th, 2015

We have recently added new vacancies to the Jobs section of our website. We are looking for Full time, Part time and Relief posts to work in our 9 houses located in York and Tadcaster. Further information such as hourly […]

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Wilberforce has joined Ebay

Published Feb 13th, 2015

Recently we have gathered together a collection of various items which we thought held more potential than to just be flogged at any old carboot, so we decided to try our hand at selling on Ebay. Being novices to the […]

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